Format Transfers

Format transfers and file conversion - VHS video to digital, Cassette to digital, Vinyl to digital, and on…

We understand the value of preserving your musical and audio memories in the digital age, and offer an affordable and convienent service right from our downtown Missoula, MT space.

Our Format Transfers and Conversions services, using speciality analog equipment, help breathe new life into your cherished recordings, ensuring they can be securely archived and accessed.

Vinyl to Digital

Transform your vintage vinyl collection into a digital masterpiece. We specialize in transferring LPs, 78s, and 45s to digital formats such as MP3 and WAV. Let the warmth of analog meet the convenience of digital, preserving the authenticity of your vinyl treasures.

Video tapes to Digital

Relive the magic of your home video memories with our comprehensive conversion services. Whether it’s VHS tapes or 3/4 inch videos, we skillfully transfer them to digital formats, ensuring that your precious moments are easily accessible in today’s digital landscape.

Cassette to Digital

Unearth your old mixtapes and audio treasures stored on cassette tapes. Our format transfer service and speciality equipment seamlessly converts cassette tapes to digital, unlocking a world of possibilities for sharing and enjoying your nostalgic audio gems.

8-Tracks to Digital

Discover the forgotten tunes on your 8-track tapes as we expertly convert them to digital formats. Revisit the sounds of yesteryear and bring them into the modern era, where your music can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

DAT and Mini Disc to Current Formats

Embrace the future by converting DAT tapes and Mini Discs to digital formats to USB or WAV. Our studio is equipped to handle the intricacies of these formats, ensuring a smooth transition and preservation of your audio recordings.

Audio Clean-up in Process (Forensic Audio)

From noise reduction to sound enhancement and meticulous audio cleanup, we uncover the true essence of your recordings while converting them to modern formats. Our equipment and skills help achieve great sound clarity in the finished results.

The Recording Center is committed to excellence in every aspect of audio preservation and modernization. With state-of-the-art equipment and a passion for maintaining the integrity of your recordings, trust us to bring your analog memories into the digital age. Contact us today!

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