About The Recording Center

The Recording Center was established in 1986 by Rick Kuschel.

Welcome to Missoula’s longest running recording studio, opened in 1986. The studio has had the pleasure of hosting a variety of musicians throughout the years. We pride ourselves in creating music that highlights the raw talent and passion of musicians.

The Recording Center's studio live room - quality microphones

Our Story

Established in 1986, we’ve been an integral part of Missoula’s music scene, witnessing the evolution of countless artists, venues, and transformations in the industry. Our commitment to preserving the authenticity of live music has made us a trusted name in the industry.

Studio Space

Our modest live room is designed to comfortably accommodate 3-4 piece bands. Even better for smaller acts and solo artists! The environment captures your music in its truest form. This room is acoustically damped to ensure a natural, rich recording.

We understand how to capture each instrument’s individuality. With GOBO partitions placed between drums and other instruments, we have a dynamic recording space that allows for optimal isolation and customization. We follow tried and true methods of audio engineering.

Our commitment to quality sound truly shines in the adjacent control room. This is where we operate a combination of analog and digital equipment that has been used to engineer, mix, and master some of the most famous, award-winning songs in modern history.

Some equipment and software includes:

  • Multiple outboard racks
  • Peavey 32 channel console
  • Fine assortment of microphones
  • Pro Tools Studio DAW
  • Final Cut Pro for video
  • Much more

Recording Process

Our recording process involves multitrack recording with separate channels for guitar, bass, drums, vocals, etc. This allows us to capture the unique nuances of each instrument, ensuring a well-balanced mix. We overdub lead parts, adding layers of depth to your music, and perfecting individual instruments and vocals. We then move into a post-production phase including editing, mixing, and mastering at the level of your liking to create a polished final product.

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At Missoula’s longest running recording studio, we’re not just capturing music; we’re preserving the soul of your sound. Discover the true art of recording at our studio. Contact us today!