Audio mastering using industry-leading equipment and advanced techniques to ensure your tracks stand out…

Whether or not you recorded or mixed here, we’re ready to master your audio! Our professional audio mastering services are offered locally in Missoula and virtually across the world. We use industry-leading software, equipment, and advanced techniques to ensure your tracks stand out.

Audio Mastering Services Offered

  • Platform Optimization: Mastering, normalization, and other optimizations to meet the loudness standards set for each streaming and digital platform—from Spotify to Apple Music to YouTube, Tidal, SoundCloud, and beyond.

  • Audio Mastering for Video: Optimize the audio in your videos with our audio mastering for video services. Ensure your visuals are complemented by a mastered soundtrack.

  • Mastering for Vinyl: Tailored mastering and loudness control for meeting the requirements needed for vinyl, ensuring optimal playback and quality.

  • Hum and Noise Reduction: We’ve cleaned up thousands of tracks throughout the years—our hum and noise reduction services are always included in mastering. Eliminate unwanted artifacts, ensuring your tracks are clear.

  • Stereo Width: Either in mixing, or if not then, then in mastering, we can expand your audio with our stereo widening techniques, creating a more immersive sound.

  • Transient Enhancement: Add punch and definition to your tracks with transient peak enhancements, ensuring the emotion and impact of your music are felt.

  • Sequencing, Track Order, and Space: Our mastering services extend beyond audio enhancements too, we can assist in sequencing and determining the best track order, as well as setting a standard length of gaps or blank space in between songs.

We know mastering. As with our Mixing Services, Mastering can be a remote/virtual offering anywhere in the world, offered from our Missoula, MT recording studio. Let’s give your sound the final touch it deserves. Contact us today!