Audio mixing using industry-leading software, plugins, and equipment to elevate your audio…

Whether or not you recorded here, we’re ready to mix your audio! Elevate your sound with our professional mixing services (offered locally in Missoula and virtually across the world). We use industry-leading software, plugins, and analog equipment to bring your tracks to life.

Audio Mixing Services Offered

  • Equalizing: Achieve balance with precision equalization. We expertly shape the tonal quality of each instrument, ensuring a harmonious blend in your final mix.

  • Pitch Correction: (optional) Enhance the pitch perfection of your vocals with our pitch correction techniques that subtly refine vocals, delivering a polished and professional sound.

  • Post Production: Other post-production techniques—from subtle enhancements to transformative effects, our post-production expertise adds depth and dimension to your music.

  • Compression: Achieve a balanced and consistent volume—and a glue—throughout your tracks via compression, enhancing the clarity and impact of the final product.

  • Reverb and Effects: Elevate your sound with our tasteful selection of analog and digital reverb and effects, adding depth and ambiance to your mix.

  • Panning and Spatial Enhancement: Our stereo spatial techniques create a captivating sound, placing things in specific planes in the mix for an authentic listening experience.

  • Volume Automation: Fine-tune the dynamics of your mix with precise volume automation, ensuring every element shines in the right moments.

Whether you’re looking for subtle refinements or bold transformations, our comprehensive mixing services cater to your unique vision. From pre-recorded to live audio to audio that we engineer—we can craft the mix to meet your specific needs.

Note: As with our Mastering Services, Mixing can be a remote/virtual offering anywhere in the world, offered from our Missoula, MT headquarters. Let’s take your sound to the next level. Contact us today!