Audio Engineering & Recording

Audio engineering skills combined with state of the art equipment. Over four decades of recording skills…

Our audio engineering and recording services combine great equipment with more than four decades of experience, creating a finished sound that exceeds expectations. We know the intricate art of recording and have the experience and equipment required, let us help you get the best finished audio.

Audio Recording Services Offered

  • Studio and Live Recording: We offer both in-studio (more details, below) and live recording services. With live recording, we capture the essence of your performances with professionalism and quality. For decades, we’ve been recording concerts throughout Missoula—trust us to make your live audio recordings as memorable as your shows are.

  • In-Field Remote Recording Take your sound beyond the studio or venue with our in-field remote audio recording services. Whether capturing a unique acoustic setting or a unique sound in the field, we can help bring your story to life, wherever it takes you.

What’s Involved: Studio Audio Engineering & Recording

To achieve high-end recordings within our space, we’ve invested in sound isolation and have a fully treated, acoustically damped live room. More about the studio space here. There are quite a few technical nuances to quality engineering and recording.

  • Industry-Standard Equipment: Experience using some of the same vintage equipment used by legends like The Beatles and Tom Petty in their recording processes. Tried and true—we’ve got it!

  • Microphone Placement: Well-placed microphones are everything, and we excel in the art of mic placement—always going with our instinctual “ear feeling”—capturing the uniqueness of each instrument and voice to create a balanced recording.

  • Instrument-Specific Techniques: From drums to amplifiers to vocals and other instruments, mic placement techniques need be tailored to each. We take this personalized approach to capture every component of your music and desired sound.

  • Audio Level Monitoring: What’s an engineer’s primary job? Level monitoring—our attention to detail and years of experience ensure that your recording maintains consistent sound and levels.

Any audio recordings can, and likely should, include post-production editing, mixing, and clean-up.

Our audio recording services cover everything from solo artists to full bands to live orchestras and beyond. Whether it’s your debut single, a complete album, live music festivals, voiceover work, audiobooks, and more—we provide a seamless, comfortable recording experience. Contact us today!

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